7 Amazing Smartphone Photography Tricks – Video

7 Amazing Smartphone Photography TricksIn another post we addressed some of the common problems with smartphone photography. Of course there are also many advantages of smartphone cameras especially due to their small size and portability.

But I bet you haven’t thought of doing half of these amazing smartphone photography tricks. Watch this incredible video from Photographer Lorenz Holder and I’m sure you’ll be amazed as he demonstrates:

  • The Creative Panodash
  • The Pano Drive-By
  • A Simple Zoom Lens Technique
  • A Simple Macro Lens Technique
  • An Easy-to-Use Reflector
  • How to Make a Tripod from Cardboard in Seconds
  • How to Set up a Remote Shutter
  • How to Shoot Underwater Photos

You’ll have loads of fun trying out these tips and tricks with your own smartphone camera!

Simply Click the Play Button to Watch These Smartphone Photography Tricks!

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  1. Excellent ideas and very practical! Thanks for putting this together.

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