5 Advantages of Shooting RAW over JPEG

In this video Joseph Holmes, a Berkeley-born landscape photographer who’s been publishing fine art prints since the late 1960’s, joins us to explain the advantages of shooting RAW image files.

Similar to photographic negatives, raw digital images have a wider dynamic color range and minimum loss of information. Joseph explains about five advantages for shooting in RAW over JPEG files and discusses how this will improve the overall quality of your final images.



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  1. Vincent Paul says:

    Shooting RAW is one thing that I always do, and it makes post production so much easier. You have so many more options of color ranges when shooting in this and when choosing a white balance. Shooting in RAW was something that I decided on doing right away because I feel it keeps your photos save.

    Having that safety while taking a photo is nice. What do I mean? Well when shooting in RAW it doesn’t matter if your shooting in the wrong exposure, or the wrong white balance because these are options that you can change in Lightroom compared to when shooting in JPEG, your stuck with the white balance that you picked when you took the shot.

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