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10 Reasons Why Smartphone Photography Fails

Over recent years the quality of smartphone cameras has improved a great deal. Despite the convenience of being able to shoot photos with a device that easily fits in your pocket there are still some common problems to avoid with smartphone photography. Check out these issues and our solutions and you should soon be taking better images with your phone....

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5 Advantages in Shooting RAW over JPEG

In this video Joseph Holmes, a Berkeley-born landscape photographer who’s been publishing fine art prints since the late 1960’s, joins us to explain the advantages of shooting RAW image files. Similar to photographic negatives, raw digital images have a wider dynamic color range and minimum loss of information. Joseph explains about five advantages for shooting in RAW over JPEG files...

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How to do Levitation Photography

In one of his “lighter” tutorials, Kai from DigitalRevCom has put together a YouTube video showing how to shoot levitation photography. These are images that makes it look like the subject is floating in mid air. Enjoy! Canon EOS 6D  |  NikonD7100  |  Sony SLT-A99  |  Canon EOS 650D  |  Apple iPhone 4 This was inspired by the work at

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Choosing Tripods for Photography and Video

In this video, photographer Tony Northrup shows you his personal collection of 11 different tripods and describes the unique features of each. This video will teach you all you need to know to select the tripod that best meets your needs. Enjoy! Canon EOS 6D  |  NikonD7100  |  Sony SLT-A99  |  Canon EOS 650D  |  Apple iPhone 4