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We have an exciting line up of our own photography books as well as highly recommended titles from other authors.


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We'll help you to master the essentials of photography.
Every image you create is a result of how you combine these factors

What does it take to create a memorable photograph? First, you need a compelling subject. The best images tell a story and draw in the viewer's interest. What is the narrative for your shot?

A good photographer looks at the available light and makes decisions about the best composition and exposure settings to capture the desired effect and shot.

You don't become a better photographer by investing in more expensive equipment. You will become a better photographer by spending every available moment behind your camera, shooting, combined with an eagerness to study and learn the techniques of photography from experts, through their portfolio of images, photography books and courses.

  • Understanding Light

    Understanding and using the different types of light

  • Composition

    Learning to how to compose and frame your subject

  • The Exposure Triangle

    Learning to balance aperture, shutter speed and ISO

  • Depth of Field

    Learning to use it to create amazing images

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